Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Whinning stage

This is my first ever blog on Alysha. have always wanted to write a journal but never got to it. So when I saw this I decided this would be the best way to start.

Life has been preety trying lately. Been very busy with work and when I am back home I barely have time for Alysha and hubby, Suben. I spend whatever time I have left at home with Alysha.

Lately though she has been crying and whinning at everything. I am a firm believer of rewarding good behaviour and ignoring bad ones. I try so hard not to yell. She is at the stage where there needs to be a whine for anything and everything. Throwing tantrums has become part of every day life. I try very hard everyday to be a good mom but I really dont kow if I am succeeding.

Suben gets very upset and is usually very impatient when she starts throwing tantrums. He is trying though, I can tell but the frustration builds up very fast.

Ignore! Ignore! Ignore! I have been told time and again but really is that the right thing to do when your child is bawling on the floor and looks like she could chok anytime.

I know it seems trivial to complian about something like this when many people are going through much trying times in life but I am really not complaining here but talking to myself and trying to find a way to deal with this the best I can. Have to just try to ignore , I suppose. Lets see how it goes!


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