Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Preparing for Alysha's preschool

School? School? Now thats amazing. My baby is going to school. I know its only pre school. But still....This decision to send her to school has been a project for a long time. Abandoned for a while as I kept thinking that she is just too young. I still think that she is too young but abet she has shown all signs of being ready for it. Infact she looks forward to it and on certain days takes a back pack, fills them up with blocks and anounces that she is off to school.

I think she is just bored at home. I mean she plays a lot I am sure with my mom and maid but my mom's place is not spacious (Its an apartment) so not much space to run aout. Also, keeping a 27 month oldoccupied all the time is not an easy task.

The research that went into deciding which school to send her to......that is a differerent long story all together.

Anyways, went to Sogo today to look fro a bag. I thought she likes Barney and so picked a Barney bag and was ready to pay for it when I decided to just call home and check on her. To my surprise, my little one expressed a very strong preference for Pooh!

Searched frantically for a Pooh bag but no where to be found. I actually have to make a visit to Mid Valley soon (Before Thursday, coz thats when I am going in for a trial at her school) to look for a Pooh bag.

I just cant believe that I am giving in to this demand but if its something that i can do (without much hassle) why not eh? After all my daughter does not start school everyday!!

Of course, I also dread to think whether submitting to such a demand is the starting point to other greater future demands


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