Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I am into baking

I have been visiting food blogs lately. I love food, I like cooking but I have realized that I love baking.

It started because Inarah does not eat much, all the good stuff, vege, sweet potato, oats, tofu, honey, yoghurt – basically all the good stuff that you would want a toddler to eat. She doesn’t. On the other hand, Alysha loves food, anything at all, mostly sweet stuff. She loves snacking on cookies, buns, choc muffins, twiggies, etc – stuff she will easily get at my mom's no matter how much I try and stop it.

See my predicament, one kid who loves eating and easily puts on weight (just like me), one kid who we have to trick into eating and we celebrate when she finally puts on a few ounces.

Anyway, I started baking for them. I figured if I give Alysha good and healthy home made snacks she will not eat all that other junk and I can disguise all the good stuff that Inarah does not eat.

So this is what I have baked so far. They are all low sugar and I don’t get to have more than once slice of it coz it just disappears as soon as its out of the oven. That’s also because I usually save some for Sri, Gitanjali, Alysha’s other friends at religious class and school and my mom. So you see, its also community service:

Oatmeal and coconut crunchie
Oatmeal and banana muffin
Oatmeal and prune muffin
Sweet Potato muffin
Tofu patties
Banana bread pudding
Oatmeal and raisin cookies

This is what is next on the list :

Orange cake (for my mom - mothers day)
Pumpkin Pie – (specially for Inarah)
Banana Nut bread
Oatmeal and yoghurt muffin
Cinnamon roll
Peanut butter muffin (specially for Inarah)
Strawberry chocolate upside down cake (for me and Sri- will try and keep it away from the kids)

As for me, I have been losing some weight. I have started yoga which I like very much. Makes me feel a lot lighter and flexible. I am doing some swimming which I plan to do more of and drinking lots of water (thanks to Sri’s water therapy advise). I also am drinking some herbalife shake on days when there is nothing exciting for lunch/dinner and I am not too hungry. I am doing it very inconsistently though so don’t know if that’s working. The best part about losing weight this time is that it does not feel like I am on a weight loss mission (which is usually the case). Just eating smart (less carbo), which probably means pretty slow weight loss but I am in no hurry. And I am nowhere close to giving up my "cha" and whatever goes with it, oh! and also chocolates

Now you are wondering, how I am going to be losing weight while baking all that stuff, right? I am wondering too . But the thing is the stuff is so yummy that there is never enough to go around, let alone have an extra slice and its low sugar, remember!

Will let you know that outcome of my weight loss as well as of the success of my baking expedition, soon.


At 3:24 PM, Blogger mjey said...

Hey finally a post from you! Please pass me the recipe if you can!

And join the club - I am on a mission too. And it feels good eh!

At 10:23 PM, Anonymous a&a'smom said...

Good for u that u also caught the baking bug!

At 11:31 AM, Blogger shri said...

well i for one am glad that you are doing your community service. its really difficult to make my husband eat any sweet potato, but he finished off the sweet potato muffins pronto. the prune muffin was amazing, as was the oatmeal and raisin cookies and you forgot the lemon poppyseed cake (and that divine banana bread) - but i also don't see how i'm suppossed to be losing weight while snacking on home baked goodies... i'm already hungry as i type this

however, its sort of like my fantasy has come true. as a child i relished the freedom and independance i got b'cos my mom was working, but at the same time, i wished she would be a baking mom, where we would just for no reason at all have some home made snack. Thanks to your new oven, and my darling inarah, my fantasy looks like its coming true... Yay!

unfortunately its sort of compromising on my husband's fantasy of having a hot slim wife...


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