Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Pooh School Bag

Back to the “Pooh” bag that Alysha wanted. I had a long lunch hour today and rushed to petaling street to searched for the bag. Can you imagine, consultant cum mom in a suit in between meetings, took a bus to petaling street in the heat and frantically looking for a Pooh bag. Well, my bad luck, no Pooh bag in sight anywhere. Ask every single shop practically, and walked up and down the street a zillion times thinking I must have missed a shop. Aaaarrrggghhhh! No Pooh bag in sight!!! Old stock aparently, The in thing is barbie (always in aparently), incredibles, spider man, barney, NOT POOH. But why not? Isn it one of the better characters and cuddlier than the rest of them.

I think she just has to settle for a barney or mickey. That too she is not going to have it by tomorrow coz I haven’t bought one yet. Have asked my cousin, Rehana to look for it in Md Valley and just get it if she finds it. Umm, lets see. I am so worried of tomorrow actually. Just dunno whats it going to be like. Will she want to even go in the school? I would stay for all 3 hours. Would she just cling to me and not play with the kids? Would she hide behind me?
What about Friday, when I am actually going to try and leave her behind all by herself. Oh God! Let it be ok. Let HER be ok. Let her enjoy school. Whats the worse thing that can happen. She wouldnt want to go and I would just defer it till when she is ready. Like maybe in 6 months, 1 year. Not to mention the money I will be saving. Enough to pay for a new car installment.

Wish me luck !

Oh! Before I forget, Its my 3rd wedding anniversary tomorrow and I havent got Suben anything yet. Not even a card. What am I going to do. I bet you he has bought a card for me. Maybe I can dash off to Memory Lane across in maju Junction and get a card, now. Yes! I shall do that now. The least I can do for my loving husband of 3 years

Will think of present later. Maybe some fun time in bed tonight should do it :) What say you??


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