Monday, December 11, 2006

I am back

I have been back for a while now actually, a week to be exact but just have not had the time to blog. Been busy with work and kids. My trip was okay. I survived without my kiddos and so did they. Inarah woke up every hour the first night and drank bottles and bottles of milk. The next night she woke up only twice, once for milk and the other time hubby patted her back to sleep. Maybe after a few more nights without me she would give up feeding at night completely, ....very tempting but its amazing how much joy it gives me to continue breastfeeding her. No matter how much I might seem to hate waking up night after night to breastfeed her, I silently love it, every moment of it.

I didn’t manage to bring back any milk from langkawi altho I went all prepared. The hotel screwed up with my ice sheets. They was no ice at all, when I picked them up on the last day. So with a heavy heart I had to throw away all the milk. But its okay coz my supply is fine, infact better since I religiously pumped every 3-4 hours.

Alysha did not sleep at home at all. First night she was at my brother's and the second night, she told hubby " I cant sleep here without my mama. I am going to nani's ( my mom) house, and off she went getting my mom to pick her up and all, lol.

Managed to take last Thursday off and took the kids to the park in the morning and Mines Wonderland in the evening. The boat ride was really nice. We had a good time, only that when we went to the ice world/land, there was no snow. It was -10 degrees and the only thing they had was ice carvings. No more ice skating ring too. very disappointing for Alysha. Thanks God there was the train ride and the inflated octopus to cheer her up after that. Anyway I plan to write them a letter soon coz' their website still goes on and on about snow and ice skating....very misleading.

Weekend was tiring with Inarah down with a throat infection and Alysha is in this whining and screaming mode now a days. She just does not know how to deal with her feelings except to cry and whine and scream. I and trying to deal with it very calmly hoping its a phase that will go away altho my patience is wearing thin. cant wait for school to start.

Alysha got a very nice medal for her good work in religious class yesterday and she did so well yesterday in a performance. She also got wondeful comments in her perfromance record. I was so proud of her, my baby is growing up.

Lost more to post but works calling

till later


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