Monday, December 11, 2006

TOF Babies

Brayden and Kendall just had their open heart surgeries for TOF. They have been on my mind and in my heart and maybe that's the reason I have been a little nervous and not at peace for the past week.

They are doing well after surgery and it just amazes me how brave they are and how much courage and energy this little kiddos have.

Please pray for them and their families coz its even harder for the people who love them so much.

Meanwhile, Inarah is doing just great. She has started walking while holding on to one of Alysha's chair. Infact it’s difficult to keep her seated most of the time. You can see, she is getting ready to start running.

She is so wonderful to play with. She knows and points to her ears, hair and nose so well. She has got 6 scary looking teeth and bites real hard if you dare put your finger in her mouth, lol.

She loves her books and can tell the difference between zebra, pig and girrafe on her bed sheet.
She almost can say "kakak" (Sister) to Suryani but now it sounds like "katak" which means frog in malay, lol

She can say, "pull" while pulling her ears and "boo" for peek a boo. And its lovely to sing rhymes to her specially :Hickory dickkory...." coz she will say the "dock" and laugh away right after that.

She understands most of what we say and will ignore what she chooses to ignore, like picking out the decoration from the Christmas tree (yes! its up). Alysha and her play so well now and just the other day when Alysha was at prayers with my mom’s he called back to say she misses Inarah and not to let her sleep till she is back.

Alysha will scold me if I raise my voice to Inarah and then very gently tell her not to do what she should not, lol. It’s wonderful to see them together.

Inarah is due for her check up in January and I know I am going to be all nerves during the visit to the cardiologist coz this is when he will start taking about when to schedule the surgery. I just don’t want to think about it right now.


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