Thursday, March 31, 2005

Alysha's first day at pre school & 3rd wedding anniversary

Alysha’s first day of pre school falls on the same day as my 3rd wedding anniversary. Amazing!It was a fun yet stressful day. Today was Alysha’s first day at Pre School. Well, it was a trial as I sat in for all the 3 hours till 12. The morning itself was exciting. I was up early as if it was my first day. Got dress and woke Alysha up. Got her all distracted to get her straight to the bath as I didn’t want to be late. In 15 min we were all ready. Left right after her breakfast and still were 15 minutes late. Wonder how am I going to do this everyday ad be there on time. But after all this is not really school is it so I can be 15 min late or so once a while.

I had packed her Pooh bag last night, 2 diapers, a change of clothes, a napkin and her water bottle. Yes, of course I got her Pooh bag. I am super mom, am I not. Went to Mid Valley at 8pm and found her Pooh bag. My dearest daughter was more interested in playing with all other toys and was not at all interested in getting the bag but I got it anyway. Got home and Madame says “Where is my Barney bag?” Barney? Did I hear her right? “What Barney? You mean Pooh” I say. “No I want Barney” replies Her Majesty. Serves me right for submitting to the request of a 2 year old. What would she know. Well, that’s water under the bridge as its going to be Pooh bag. Just too bad for her.

Now, where were we? Oh yes, pre school. As we got in, the children of her age were already coloring. So we colored an ant red, 3 times, It was so much fun. I tried very had to help her make friends and get involved in all the activities. Introducing her to the kids and saying hello on her behalf as she was just very shy and clinging on to me at all times. I think it worked out fine as one of the first things she mentioned to her grandma when she got home was that she had a friend called Aishah.

After painting it was snack time, gym time, the library and role play where Alysha went marketing and cooked for me. It was the most sumptuous meal I have had so far. Then some songs and rhymes before it was time to go home. The ride back was not too good as she was very hungry and sleepy and throwing a tantrum. Thank God Suben was there to drive us back. Coincidentally he was back after he funeral at his aunts place in bangsar. I on the other hand was very late for work. Rushed home, tried to give her lunch. She just took the whole plate and overturned it in the kitchen. I got so upset, more because now I am going to even more late and all that crying an d whinning was just getting to me. I smacked her fingers so hard I am sure she hurt and she cried ( or rather we cried for a while) until she was tired. Finally had lunch and slept in my arms in the car. I rushed to work after leaving her at my mom’s.

All I was thinking of during my meeting was how the day went and that I really didn’t need to smack her. God! Please let me have more patience with my “Gudiya” (that’s doll by the way)

Yes I didn’t forget that it is my anniversary today. Wished my husband early in the morning. Surprisingly there was no card for me this time. There has always been for the past 3 years. Wonder what that means? I know he loves me just as much but …..Thought we’d go out for dinner, maybe leave Alysha at my mom’s but that too didn’t work out co’z he had an aunts death prayer to attend. Actually he is still not back. Don’t get me wrong. I have no problems with that. I know some things in life are beyond your control and I too didn’t realize that sub consciously I had some expectations and maybe I am a little disappointed. Not with him but the situation. I know we’ll probably have dinner maybe tomorrow or Sunday to make up for today. Well, I never got him anything either. But that is just not me. I have never got him anything on our anniversary before. Maybe I should. Are we taking each other for granted already? So soon? After 3 years? Well, technically its been 10 coz I have known him for a while now.

I have a nagging feeling about her pre school that I will speak about later. Taking her to the school again tomorrow. Let’s see how it goes.

Miss him a lot. Haven’t spoken to him for a while. We both have been busy.


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