Thursday, July 06, 2006

A prayer for Sophia

Sophia had an open heart surgery on the 5th. For those who want to follow her story, see link under Heart Families on the right of my blog. Sophia has ToF, like Inarah, but her condition includes pulmonary atresia which is different from Inarah who has pulmonary stenosis.

This little girl has been through a bypass earlier and will be going through more bypass in the future. Although its such a common word now a days, reading up on what exactly bypass is, gave me a much clearer picture.

Just reading about the surgery brought tears into my eyes, knowing that Inarah will have to go through very much the same sometime next year.

Please pray for this brave little girl who is now in recovery, May Allah keep her well and healthy and may he give strength to her family to see this through.


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