Friday, April 01, 2005

Tension at work

Rushed back today after dropping Alysha off,she was already asleep in the cab. Yup, had to take a cab today as Suben had the Mydin loyalty card launch to attend. It was very very hot and tiring. Anyway, as I got in, felt like all eyes were on me. Only ones who smiled were seeja and manju. The snake obviously gave some very sarcarstic look, indicating like "oh, Madame consultant is finally here " But honestly I care 2 hoots!

Eustace (my boss) came by and asked me how it went and I said good and that I think next week onwards she should be fine. Jon (my other boss) (who I have been avoiding, I think avoided me). This is because he wanted to have a meeting with all consultant in the morning and I was not around. I had already informed Manju that I wont be around Thurs and Fri morning. In any event, if they think that I priority is work compared to getting my daughter started on school, they better change whatever perception they had of me of being a top star consultant, coz I am just not and have no intention of being. They are not going to find a Fairus in me. No way ! My family specially my daughter is my priority and please don't expect anything extra from me except for what I am supposed to deliver. Deliver I will but nothing more that than.

have prayers today and mom is cooking prawns which Suben bought from market today so will stay back after Prayers for dinner. Which means its going to be a late night at my mom's.

But I think I should coz I know my dad really misses Alysha and today is one of the days that he will be able to see her at night, coz otherwise I have been going back home early after work the whole week.

Have to catch up with some hindi movies. Feel like watching one today. What shall it be. Shall call Joe and ask what's new.

'till later.


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