Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I am still here...

Happy New Year everyone!

I am still around. Yes, havent delivered yet but hoping its anytime soon co'z its getting really uncomfortable and a little painful as well. Dont think I can wait till the 18th. Yes, thats my due date. Seems like a long long way to go.

Today was 1st day of school for us as for many others. Alysha's first day in Junior 1 with a new teacher. My daughter got very attached to the teacher, Ms. Anna in her nursery class last year so I was just so afraid that it is going to be very difficult transition into this new class.

We slept early last night so waking up was not a problem but as soon as I tried putting on her uniform (red shirt and white shorts for junior 1) she tried a small whinning session realising something was going to be different from last year. But we got her all distracted and managed to get out of the house by 8.30. All we spoke about was how she was going to see her friends again after a long break. Very careful not to mention old teacher, new teacher, gianjali etc.

She was very ok even after we entered the class. I started making playdough karipap with her and Reshmi when I realised she might be starting to cry. But there were some kids crying and parents hovering around and I think she didnt feel right and started crying as well. I quickly took her to 2 new kids and she started talking to them and cooking with them. I quickly said bye and left. All in, I stayed for 15 min, much shorter than I expected.

When I picked her up, she was tearing a little but Ms. Lily (her teacher) said she started tearing as soon as she saw me. As soon as she got in the car she became her chatty self and didnt show any sign of trauma :)

She very calmly talked to me about how she is in a new class now with a new teacher coz she is a big girl and Ms. Anna's class is where the small children are, including gitanjali. I was really surprised at the way she was reacting to all this. Her only complaint was that Ms. Lily did not give her any Peter and Jane book. (she loves the peter and jane series and knowing my Alysha, the thought of a new peter and jane book was probabbly something that was keeping her excited in the class all morning) I am so glad that I started her in nursery last year for a month to get climatised. This would have been much more difficult otherwise and with me ready to pop, very very stressful.

Tomorrow is another day and I think its going to be ok. I can go into the delivery room soon without worrying about my daughter adjusting to a new teacher and a new class. Hear that, hello ? I am ready...anytime you are ....


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