Thursday, July 06, 2006

Halfway through the "Suryani is Away Marathon"

Yes, I am running marathon, again. Again? you say, well, technically I started when Alysha was born 31/2 years ago. Then sometime when she was 2 or 2 1/2 I slowed down and then after Inarah came into our lives, I was on full speed. After a few months, I did try and slow down.

And now, Suryani, my maid is away for a month. I really dunno how I forgot to blog about this very major thing that happened. Yup, my maid is away in Indonesia for a month and I have been maidless with 2 kids (one of which is exclusively breastfed), household chores and work for exactly 2 weeks and 2 days now.

This marathon is really different as think it has affected my health. My knee pain (supposedly mild arthritis) is back, my eyes are burning as if on fire all the time, body ache seems to be permanent and just not going away.

My day starts at like 6.30/7, I pump, shower, dress, pack (Alysha and Inarah's stuff), prepare breakfast for Alysha whilst hubby holds on to Inarah if she is already up. At this time Alysha is usually asleep. I do whatever household chores I can manage if there is some spare time.

Then I take over Inarah who by this time is hungry and tired and wake Alysha a ufor school. Shower, dress, breakfast and all (takes between 10 - 30 min depending on whether its a whinny day). We leave, (never in time) drop Alysha to school, drop Inarah to my mom's and hubby drops me off to work. We have been driving only one car as I am not comfortable driving with Inarah alone in the car although I put her in the car seat, in case she cries (we cant make her cry, remember, she might turn blue).

Only recently I started driving with Alysha and Inarah (without hubby as he needed to be in his office by 8, so he leaves the house at 7). This is a great acheivment for me. I feel so mobile suddenly as I can drive with my baby sleeping in the car seat.

Ohhh! but these are the worse days, I have to juggle Inarah and Alysha in the morning without any help, carry 3 bags 1 baby and drag and Alysha out of the house in time. I have driven twice this week with them in the car and Alysha does a good job keeping Inarah entertained for a while then we shake this particular rattle (has to be just this one, nothing else will do) and thank god Inarah falls asleep.

I carry Inarah and send Alysha to her class, get back to the car, feed Inarah, put her back in car seat, start drin=ving with practically one hand as I need to shake the rattle with the other until she falls asleep. I get to my moms, drop her off, unpack, give instructions to my mom, sister and this temp day maid that I have managed to get for a month ( I would have to quit /go on leave for 1 month if not for them). I rush off to office where I can take a breather in between pumping sessions and work.

I get back to my moms and bathe Alysha, feed Inarah and Alysha and wait for traffic to get a little better amidst all the chaos then hubby and me leave for home.

As soon as I get home, I put Inarah to sleep and then sort Alysha out. I don't have to mention that whilst I am doing this hubby is watching TV. As soon as we are home, its as if there is an sensor somewhere and the TV switches on. Hubby glues himself in front of the TV and does not get up unless I am yelling for some help. I barely have the chance to sort myself out (shower and eat something if I haven't gobbled something at my moms). I am usually asleep before my daughter sleeps off. And after waking up at least 3-4 times at night to feed Inarah, before I can feel like I have had a nights sleep, its another day again.

How do other people do it? I really need to know how is this done? what is the formula? I am surely missing it as I just cant seem to manage. I know a supermom with 3 beautiful daughters, (yes Ros I am talking about you if you happen to read my blog) who manages miraculously well whereas I am barely surviving. So all those moms out there who seem to have the formula, pls share it, Pleaseeeeeeee....


At 10:06 AM, Blogger mommy said...

hey there, was reading your post. We are in the same situation. Unlike you I have never had a maid. My baby is 5 months and is also exclusively bfg. The bro is 3 yo. We go towork in 1 car. And yes, my hubby is also glued to the tv when he's at home. Normally I will do whatever I can. Prepare the kids bag the night before and clean the house before I go to sleep. As a bfg mom, I know its difficult. So if I didn't have time to do it before i sleep then I'd wake up at 3 or 4 am to finish off the days work befoer going back to sleep. Tiring, yes but must be done. correct? do whatever you can and close 1 eye if you can't. My grandma told my mom, her daughter in law, and I am holding on to the mantra now "tak ada siapa nak leter".

ps: yes I have also drove with the baby wailing and the bro talking no stop. horible.


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