Thursday, April 07, 2005

2 days off work

Haven't written in the longest time ( 3 days in actual fact). have been busy attending training at Nikko Hotel. Training was so, so. Trainer was not even good looking. The best things about trainings in Hotels as you know is the Food!. It was an amazing spread. No, you cant ask how many pound I have put on. You may know, how much oysters and salmons I had. Actually I had lost count so no idea.

2nd day of training actually rushed back by 4.30 and took Alysha swiming. We had so much fun. It looked like it was going to rain but we prayed to Mr Sun. No matter how many times i explained that Allah had more conrol over this, my little one belived that Mr. Sun could make the rain go away AND so he did just to make sure she continued having faith in him. Clever Mr. Sun.

Droped Suben at Toastmasters and Alysha went to bed earlt of course, after all that swimming.

Yes, she can actually swim. With floats of course. Hopefully she will be confortable without them soon. I ducked her in the water once and hopefuly she forgives me for that :)


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