Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Another pre-school experience

Called Sri, just to confirm about Tricia & Sasha on Saturday and she said she had a call from Chrissie ?? from Child Playworks about bringing Alysha in for an observation. How did they get the mother wrong ? hellllooooo???

Anyways, she explained that she met Sonila at Meghala's wedding and mentioned Alysha was waiting for the obsert=vation at her place, so , did Sonila think Sri had another child called ALysha and went back to work and told Crissie to call Sri. Would she have called me if she didnt met Sri. She said she would, as soon as she thought the new kids had settled. I have spoken to her 3 x in 2 weeks, how could she have got this wrong.

Tho petty, thins whole thing has not given me a good impression of the place.

ANyway, called Crisie who said I could come in on 19th. I said,No I cant, busy at work. can come in tomorrow and she was ok with it. I somehow liked the way Sunbeam had approached the whole thing. This is not even a trial. I come in at 10 and can either sit in a corner and observe or sit in the office. And its only for an hour. An hour? What can you observe for an hour ? By the time Alysha shows any signs of being confortable, it will be an hour or more. I really dont like the feeling of this.


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