Monday, April 11, 2005

Interesting weekend

Saturday started off all wrong. Alysha woke up, took her to the hall and she was lazing on my lap with her thumb in her mouth. Suben was getting dressed to go for his training. Saw her on my lap, grabbed her and ran her out to the balcony to show her the birds and chicken.......The wail was ear piercing! She is like that, does not likes to be disturbed when is lazing around, specially after she just woke up. Suben took it personaly and got so upset, started saying all the wrong things, got me and her all upset and left without saying bye.

"Sigh" It was terrible to see him go off like that but at the same time there was a relief that it was now quiet and nice and my daughter was not wailing. We sat and watched Hi-Fi, Noddy and Barney. I know too much tv for a 2 year old but was feeling so lazy that just didint feel like doing anything much or going anywhere.....further more no no question about going anywhere.
Dropped Suben to the bus stop and spoke about what happened in the morning. Tried explaining to him that I know he loves her and so does she. His way of showing her he loves her may be a little too .......dont know what the word is. She is sometimes difficult, a lot of times, really, so be sensitive to how she feels. "What about how i feel?" he says. "But she is only 2. How does she know how you feel ? If she knew you felt bad that she refuses to let you show her the chickens in the morning, I am sure she wouldnt do it, coz she does love you."

Actually she misses him a lot when he is not around and keeps making him part of whatever game we are playing. I wish he could see that sometimes.

Had prayers and put her to bed quite early.

Sunday was good. Went swimming on Sunday morning and it was so much fun. Alysha just loves the water. Had a quiet afternoon and went grocerry shopping in the evening and had a very early night. Suben is back today and am looking forward to seeing him. Havent spoken to him much in the past 2 days.

Have to get back to the book as soon as I can. Its really captivating!


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