Thursday, April 07, 2005

Feel loved again

Today has been a pleasant day albeit a busy one but was pampered my hubby dearest since morning. Maybe because I could not sleep due to my maid's problem and woke up with a terrible dream. He has been so loving. Staying up with me since morning and asking me if I wanted anything, a hot drink , a lift to work, etc. We even made love in the morning. He has called me a zillion times since morning as well to tell me he misses me.

I think its also because he is less stressed today. No appointments, no where to rush in early morning traffic. Imagine what living in competitive KL can do to your relationship. If only we all slowed down a little, we automatically become more loving to our loved ones. We had a nice morning with hour daughter and then of course I had to rush to work. Hope it ends as a pleasant one too !

PS : Had a wierd dream about going diving with my husband and my ex-boss ( who is a diver). Ex-boss was teaching us how to dive. Suddenly we were in a submarine and came above the water to view a beautiful scene of an erupting volcano ( what the****). Excited, we couldn't wait to get closer to the erupting volcano. What kind of a dream is this? I know it sounds like a pleasant one but I bet you its got to do with my fear of some volcano erupting and an earthquake that I have been thinking about sub-consciously.

Pls God , I don't need to dreams about erupting volcano specially if its with my lunatic ex -boss. I know its creative but I don't mind boring dreams like.......Oh I don't know anything but volcanic


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