Thursday, April 07, 2005

Maid Crisis

Got home after work yesterday and maid's face was black as coal. Tried avaoiding asking her what happened and hoped if I didint, it might just go away.

While playing with Alysha, she came by and started sobbing saying that she wanted to go home. I panicked , of'course but acted very cool and said that she still have 6 months left. After much probing, (all most an hour). she admitted she was having a problem with managing at my mom's. Aaaarrrggghhh!!!! nOt again, This has happened before and I have had to speak to my mom before about this but this time things are really bad. How am I going to manage this.

What am I going to do if she leaves ? Quit? Out of question? then what? I hate to admit that I am totally depended on thsi stranger who I pay RM370 every month to take care of my home and my daughter while I am at work. Why do I have to feel so helpless ?

In actual fact she is actually an ok person. She cares for Alysha like her own sister. But how does one tell her mom.

Lets try " Mummy, I love you very much and if I could afford it, I would get a maid specially to take care of you but you know I am not in the position. I cant afford to lose this maid because I need to work and I need someone to take care of Alysha while at work. Also I would like to get pregnant soon, hopefuly sometime this year so I am actually asking her to stay on for another year. Please help me to make this happen. Dont treat her as the maid of this house and expect her to be responsible for everything here. dont schold her for no reason, dont load her with a lot of work. Please try and get a maid for the house so that this does not happen again and again. If thisgoes on then I have no option but not to bring Alysha here and thats the last thing I want to do. I want her to be here and spend more time with the family and not only the maid. I will also feel more assured at work. Pleasee, please"

Will it work ? Dunno, How I hate confrontation but I really have to do this? I know I onw her a lot and I should try and help her as much as I can but what can I do in a situation like this . Someone tell me , its ok to do this, and say these things to my mom? Anyone??


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