Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Call from my MIL

My MIL just called saying my BIL met with an accident last night and he has a fractured leg and an injured eye. He has been to the hospital but they dont want to keep him, how can that be ? I wonder why? She says its because he can walk notwithstanding the fracture so no reason to keep what do people who dont have others to care for do when meet with an accident? Stay in the hospital right? But they dont want to keep him, it seems, beats me , really! Now what?

She suggested he go to his aunty's house (MILs sister), co'z she is willing and has a maid who can care for her but he does not want to coz cant walk up to watch TV, helooooo? is that a reason, how can that be a reason when you are desperate, sitting in the car outside the house having no where to go because you cant walk up your apt? He wants to stay at our place, which is fine with me really (depending how long?). He can stay at my place but no one will be there. How will he manage?

And the other reason I have reservations is "Judy", his girlfriend. She is .....cant find the right word. Seems ok and does care for him but can get really,really unbearable. I am quite a private person and she is quite the opposite, actually nosy is the word. Anyway, does it mean she is going to be around if he stays at my place. What does it mean? The TV will be on all the time and we all know how I feel about the TV being on with Alysha around. As it is I give Suben a hard time about it. Where is she right now? How come she is not with him? I know she loves him? Did she leave him?

I know I sound like a really nasty in law but there is a history to this. My BIL hasactually given my husband quite an amount of grief and stress. Its like everytime he gets in trouble, Suben has to go and bail him out. And the amount of money he ows another thing all together.

OK, going to stop being a real B**** here. Actually, he is quite a "pavam" case. His karma has not been good, tings just always happen to go wrong with him and Suben is always there for his family and thats something about him that I actually like....he is not as selfish as ME!

Still cant get Suben on the phone to tell him about this. Going to try again.

'till later


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