Monday, April 11, 2005

Alysha is taking a break

Alysha has decided to take her break from her long series of tantrums. I hope its either a long one or a permanent one.

She listens to me..... a little more than before and of course I am trying very hard to stick to my guns and say No when I mean No. So maybe it is true, she is just testing her limits and if I had kept giving in, it could have made things worse.

Well, she still wants and does the opposite of whatever I say but when she does not get her way, her tantrum spans are shorter, I think. Either that or my level of tolerence is much higher now.

I ammissing her a lot today. Spoke to her on the phone many times and missed her more everytime.

Cant wait to get back. Counting the minutes, tick, tick, tick.......


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