Monday, April 25, 2005

Can we trust our healthcare providers ?

Was just reading Jenn's blog about peoples experiences with gynes and how they are so eager to push a women in labour into a C-section, either due to the extra money that the gyne would make due to the convenience of having to attend to the patient at his/her time of convenience.

Its made me recall my delivery and the experience I had with my gyne. Of course I was naive then and never really thought about the fact that this would be a consideration with my gyne as I really like her and trusted her completely. When I was told that I was going to be induced, it was only natural to me as my gyne said that as I was already 3 cm dilated and we had no reason to wait because with waiting comes the risk of complications.

In hindsight, I now know that there may have been a chance for me to wait as I was in alright condition, water level was fine and all but would I even dare question my gynes judgment ?Absolutely not. So when she said "Come in on Thursday, we will have you induced (15 days before my due date), I obediently complied to her directions.

Of course, after it was all over , I recalled her commutes about the fact that she will not be around during Raya (Which was my actual due date) and so some other doctor would be attending to her, unless "baby decides to come earlier" (She used to joke) .

We all know, with c-section comes the risk of not being able to breastfeed post-partum simply because for a week, you cannot exert pressure on the wound which makes it difficult to breastfeed. Also the chances of having a natural second birth would be very very low. Not to mention the cost that is involved. One surgery in a private hospital means at least 2.5K. This of course depends on the hospital and the gyne. My bill was RM3.5K with a natural birth.

The 2.5K is only for the surgery itself not to mention hospital stay, drugs, baby's pead charges . The bill can easily be 5K. I am told , Jenn's bill was 10K. Can u imagine that ?. Of course this includes Raeven five days in the hospital due to her jaundice but 10K is a lot of money, almost impossible money for someone like me.

In comparison , a natural birth in UMMC (semi-private) would cost RM400.

I was lucky enuf to have a natural birth, which I thought would never happen because I was in labour for 18 hours before my gyne (finally) instructed to increase the pressure of the induction, in the middle of the night (3am actually) so that by the time she comes in the morning, I would be dilated just right. Of course I had no clue until my cousin who is a mid wife who I called at 2 am coz I panicked when the nurse came in to tell me that it looks like its going to be a c-sec. Anyway, my cousin pointed out that the pressure of the induction drip was too low for me to start dialing as I should. This was because it was 2 am in the morning. Imagine if I was fully dilated then. My gyne would have to come at 2 am. to deliver me something which I am sure she would not appreciate.

Well, thank God! it worked out fine but what about the second time? What if I am advised for a ceaser. Can I afford it? Wouldn't I want to be at a place which is known for their best neo-natal care? I know many many people who will swear by the excellent quality of healthcare provided by UMMC. The only problem seems to be the wait to see the gyne during the check ups and of course the perception of the place, not so canggih as a private hospital I suppose.

have to really think about this carefully and the cost that will be involved in my next delivery. Maybe I can start asking around about the doctors at UMMC from people who have delivered there. Or just forget about the whole thing and go back to my gyne who I am comfortable with. But what if it turns out to be a 10K delivery?

Anyway, Lia is in labour for sure by now, actually she would have delivered. How to find out? Will write to Jenn. Hope everything worked out fin with her and baby Keiren.


At 7:32 AM, Anonymous Blue Cross of California said...

I hope we can trust our health care providers as health insurance is a major aspect to many of our lives.


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