Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Lunch with husband

Just had lunch with Suben. Did not go very well? Food was good but everytime I think we are going to have some quiet time, it never happens. I was really looking forward to it coz he is going away to Ipoh for at least 2 days.

Firstly we had someone join us coz he wanted to pass some doc to Suben. Then we were alone for a wile and I didnt have much to say and nether did he. Then, his phone kept ringing, I know when you are in a profession like his, there are always calls but whats the point then of having lunch together, just to see each other and not be able to talk ? Whats the point?

Got in the car and he was still sorting out his calls, brothers thing, I was hot and tired and the air cond was not working and just waned to head back to the office coz it was not like we were spending any quality time together. Maybe he is content by just having me around even if we dont talk much, maybe I have become impatient. He got quite upset coz I looked agitated and blew up saying that I am so impatient and demanding exclusive attention, blah, blah,blah.

Is it wrong then to demand exclusive attention from my husband consideraing I dont get much of it? maybe the timing was wrong? I dont know, I felt so bad apologized coz I didnt want him to leave for Ipoh mad again. We inevitably always have a fight before he goes to Ipoh.

Why is it like this? I really wanna love him, I do coz I know I do love him but why am I so impatient with him now a days and him with me ? Why dont we have much to talk about with each other? Why cant he find some exclusive time for me away from his phone? What can we do to make things better coz I really want things to be better. I want to have things as there were before? How do I get there ?

Told him I will book tickets for Saturday night. Will it happen?


At 5:07 PM, Blogger Along said...

Dear Shamira,

I feel like this sometimes too. I feel like me and hubby are going thru a rut; wake up, go to work, come home, watch TV, play with kids, sleep. Ho-hum..

Maybe what you need is some away time with your hubby. Just a short holiday, to Bukit Tinggi perhaps. Still near but far away enough from the hussle of the city.

Hope you feel better soon. Talk to your hubby. He might be itching for a holiday too.

At 3:35 PM, Blogger Shamira said...

Thanks along,

Just in 2 weeks, after 2 weekends out things are so much better. have to just make sure we maintain the weekly night out. Couples really need those.


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