Monday, April 25, 2005

Phew! What a week.

What a week its been? Havent had the time to blog for the longest time. Miss chatting with myself, hehehe!!

Been extremely busy with work and hense the silence but am back. Had a good week despite being busy at clients place. The only thing I remember about last week is having lunch at the clients expence. Me and seeja have been eating O'Brien's irish sandwiches, its the yummiest thing I have had in the longest time. Name the filling and they have it. turkey & cranberry sause, bacon & eggs, turkey ham & cheese, chicken & anything you want, salmon, the list goes on and on.

OK, enuf about food. The weekend before last was good, went out with hubby and had such a nice time. Dinner with cousins, movie and made love to end it all with, just lovely. He really needs this time with me alone. The next day, I had the most pleasent surprise, hubby was up early, came for tosay breakfast with us (its usually just me and Alysha), came along to TMC......I was amazed. I figured he was just happy about the night before and didnt want it to end. It was really nice family weekend.

Have also been spending sometime with sri. Went to Trisha & Sasha over the weekend with her and Gitanjali. Am feeling connected with her again. Its terrible that I am the kind who needs to spend time with her to feel connected. I love her dearly, she is the only other friend I have after Joe. Being the detached person I am, I am generally very bad and making and keeping friends. So I really treasure our friendship. Its just that we have been so busy doing our own thing (after we had our daughters) that I feel that we have sort out lost the connection we had or maybe its just me who feels this way. She has lots and lost of friends , so sometimes I guess I feel insecure about our friendship. Anyway, feeling better about the whole relationship with her. Although I feel we dont have as much in common as we used to I dont want to lose this connection. I guess I have to work harder at it. She has her own blog now so maybe we can catch up reading each others blog.

Alysha has been in a ON and OFF mode. Sometimes she is the sweetest and sometimes the tantrums make me wanna pull my hair out. But things have been more managable then before so cant complaint.

Don't really like long blogs so will write about the weekend in another one.


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