Monday, April 25, 2005

I am her sweetie

My daughter insisted that she wanted to comb my hair. So she lay me on her lap and started combing. Suddenly she bend down and her face is so close to mine, she kisses me and says "Mama, you are my sweetie" Can u imagine that ? I just melted, took her in my arms and just kissed her all over until she had to scream for me to let go. I guess she figured it really makes me feel great and so, while we were entering the bread shop last night and I was helping her up the stairs. She stops, looks at me and says "Mama, you are my sweetie". We paused for a while, she smiled at me with the most amazing smile, I smile back and we continue climbing the steps to the bread shop. Its like a scene from some movie or a perfect Kodak moment. Just didnt have the darn camera and a professional photographer handy.

Told suben about it. He must have got really jealous coz he came in the room and said "alysha, wanna comb papa's hair" Of course the answer was "NO". Their relationship has evolved so much in such a short span of time. Its since he has ben making an effort and she really likes doing things with him and having him around. She has included him in the list of people she loves "mama, I love you, papa and kakak (ok, not going to say anything selfish here about her kakak) very very much. " This is amazing progress from the days of "I dont love papa".

But I guess, somethings only mamas and daughters share, like combing each others hair. After all only I am her sweetie.


At 2:07 PM, Blogger shri said...

oh god. it would be just like him to come in and say "want to comb my hair"!!!!! am laughing and laughing, and no one in office can figure out why.


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