Monday, April 25, 2005

My baby can read numbers

We entered the lift to our apt, alysha and I. There was another mom and her toddler there too. Alysha looks at the floor and excitedly says "number 7, mama, number 7 on the floor" There was a strip of tissue shaped in a number 7 on the floor.

So you know lah, this kiasu mama was beaming away thinking in her heart "My baby can read numbers." How many 2 year olds you know who can read numbers? :).

I kow, i know, must stop thinking like that but cant help it lah!


At 2:37 PM, Anonymous Andreas said...

There is nothing better than a proud Mama writing a blog about the development of her child. I remember so many things that my kid did as a first - and I was beaming, always beaming. I am still. Even if they get older, it is so wonderfully nice to see them learn something, understand something, and share something.!! Makes a grey day blue again!!


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