Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A busy and fun weekend

Its amazing how much I managed to do over the long weekend. Lets see, I did take Alysha to Trisha & Sasha. We went with Sri amd gitanjali and had lots of fun. She did craft after the story telling. Although it was meant for older kids, she insisted she wanted to do it. So mama had to sit there and make a tortise, which turned out pretty good actually.

Went to visit a cousin in the hospital in the evening but he was already discharged. So went to visit hubby's aunt and Alysha had lots of fun playing in the swing in the house.

Yes, I did go to "Caravan". The hindi pub. The music was great and all my cousins turned up. I danced a lot, really had lots of fun.

My brother was there too, not very sober though. He was mourning the defeat of MU. Suddenly, he started hugging me and was close to tears saying that he loves me more than anything else in this world. He was actually really crying. I was so touched. You see, we are not really connected as siblings and we rarely express our feelings about how we feel for each other. He probably needed the alcohol to express his love for me. I was touched, anyway.

Then, out of the blue, I decided to have the whole gang over at place for tea the next day. Initially, there were 6, then 9, then when they turned up, 2 aunties came along so, it was a huge tea party. We had good food though, very nice mee hoon, "vade" ( my mom's never to fail receipe) some jelly, some nyonya kuih and very nice tea. Everyone just loved the food, specially the mee hoon. Thanks God, there was enough for everyone and thanks to my maid I didnt faint cooking. Alysha had the most fun coz they all adore her and she had a great time playing wth them

The evening ended really well and after putting Alysha to sleep, me and hubby cuddled up to the movie "Paycheck". Really good. I would recomend it to anyone who hasnt seen it. Ben Aflect and Uma Thurman. I like both of them.

Monday, spend some time gardening with Alysha or rather just pouring soil all over the balcony (which was ok, really coz it was due for a good scrub). Alysha had fun playing with Gitanjali and it looks like the 2 are getting more and more used to each other. Cant really remember more than...maybe 2 instances that I had to pull Gitanjali away from her. They actually played together. Me and Sri are also spending some some time together which is really nice. Sri bought lunch. After stuffing our faces, Sri and me went to Jaya Supermarket when the kids took a nap. I went to Payless Bookstore and Popular. Couldnt find the book I was looking for but bought some nice elmo and piglet books for Alysha which she loved. Sri, shopped at the Metro Sale for some nice clothes she could wear in court, a handbag you would use with jeans and a pair of very nice sandles that she could bare walk in ??? dont ask..... At night, me and Alysha did some painting in the balcony and we all had a good early night.

Great weekend, aint it? But you can imagine how tired I am, didnt get to nap at all.


At 6:13 AM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Cool.. :) I love it .. when i get productive too.. !!!!


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