Monday, May 09, 2005

Had a bottle of wine for the weekend

Weekend was interesting. had a bottle of wine. That was the highlight of it. At dinner at uncle arul's I actually had a bottle of wine. Alysha had a good time getting all the attention. I just had wine, very good wine, that was. Got all hot and excited when I got back but alas, NO action. I think I feel asleep on my husband's face while kissing him. serves me right for having the whole damn bottle.

Sunday morning was good. Went to UMMC for the Mothers Day charity project and I cant think of a better way to spend Mother's Day than to share with Mothers caring for sick children. Didn't do much with my mom coz she was in Penang. We are taking her out for dinner on Wed.

went for facial in the afternoon, my face feels so clean and I finally have eye brows. Had a tough time explaining to alysha why I need to go somewhere to get my face clean. She couldnt understand why couldn't I just use soap and water and clean it at home. You'll know girl, once you are 30 something and you stop recognizing the way your face feels, you'll know.

Anyway, had a good evening at BSC to end it all as we couldn't go to the park or pasar malam due to the rain. Went to get some cold cuts and went to Times to read some books with Alysha. It was a good outing for the maid and my sis as well.

Oh, oh oh! forgot to mention the highlight of the weekend, it was not only the wine. I got my daughter's ears pierced, yes finally!

She got me all excited on Friday coz she said she wanted to wear earings that her nani (grandma) got her so I said ok, we can go pierce your ears tomorrow and left it at that. You see, I didn't want to get too excited as I had attempted this once before but she refused to even mark the ear after me taking her all the way to PJ.

Saturday morning, after all her fav tv shows, I just probed the matter further and she actually wanted to go. SO off we went. I took a cab, got to Poh Kong in PJ. They were amazing. . Chose the earrings. 2 of them had the gun ready and pretended as if they were going to just try them on her. Counted to 3 in Chinese and boom! It was done. She screamed of course and I went prepared of course, m&ms, lollipop, raisin, the works. She forgot all about the ear piercing after a while. I was so excited to see her ear with earrings. She looks soooooo cute. Its with a red stone which she has to keep on for 2 weeks or so, then can change it to something else.

Its so much fun having a girl !!

'till later


At 1:24 PM, Blogger Along said...

"I think I feel asleep on my husband's face while kissing him."


Wah, ur girl dah ada piercing. Nice! I wanted to pierce Dania's ears but my hubby tak bagi lak. Wait until she's older, he said. Peh, I had mine pierced when I was two. Didn't traumatise me one bit!!

At 6:00 PM, Blogger Shamira said...

Really Along, its more our fears we are dealing with. After the 1- sec of crying it was all over. As if it never happened. She forgot all about it. Also they say its easier when done at this age as the ear lobes are tender and they feel less pain.

Also they look adorable at this age with earings

At 6:14 PM, Anonymous Andreas said...

Ahhh - I now know how girls feel after a facial.Hehe, had my own recently, and wow, that was great!!!


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