Friday, April 29, 2005

Back after a days work from home

Got up yesterday, with a body ache, dunno why? Decided to work from home. Best decision of the day! Of course Suben insisted that I really pretend that I am at work and try and finish as much work as I can. He also took alysha out with him so that I could work. Well, I did work, but technically I was also sick. remember the body ache. It was killing me. So .....naughty me ....made an appointment for an aromateraphy massage for 3pm. Told hubby (through sms) such things should never be told by phone or in person as he may try to disuade me, anyway told him as skiving off work and going for a massage. Didnt get a response form him whcih wa a good sign. Abandoned my MIL at home and went for an amazing massage. Felt so good after that.

Met Rehana and gang for dinner at Pizza Uno, alysha was more excited than me. She almost had the whole pizza by herself after watched Uncle Chef make the Pizza. Loved the company and all the attention she was getting from all her "aapas".

We had pizza, cabonara, sangria and lemon pana cotta to end the wonderful meal. Had such a nice time. Put her to sleep and read my book for a while and went to bed. If only there were more days like this.

And there is more. Am going for a mid night show with hubby at today Surprised? So am I , but have decided to do this more remember? He is in Kuantan Saturday night and Sunday so decied to have the night out on Friday instead. Alysha would be asleep so I guess she should be ok.

I have decided that I am going to be going out more often with my cousins. I have always declined invitations to movies and dinners coz am usually tired or want to be with alysha more. But I think I am ok now about leaving her behind once a while. Also now that she is older, I can always take her out for dinners like yesterday coz she had loads of fun too.

'till later


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