Friday, May 06, 2005

Is she going to stay?

Am going to aks her this weekend. wonder what will she say? I am talking about my maid. Her 2 years ends in October and we all know how difficult it is to get maid now a days let alone a good one. I like my maid. When she came 2 years ago, she was very young, 17 years old, very shy and very quiet. Now I have to aks her to keep quiet if I want her to stop talking, lol. She has some what become part of the family. My daughter loves her to bits and cant imagine her going back to her kampung. She screams and says "NO" everytime I emntion that "you know, kaka's mama and papa live in Indonesia and one day kakak must go back" Ths is in case she decides not to stay so I have been trying to preare my daugher for it. But as far as Alysha is concerned, no way she can imagine her life without her kakak and no way she is agreeing to another kakak.

My maid can cook, capati, chicken curry, motton chops, pizza, spagetti, the works and she makes excellent tea. I cant imagine my life without her really. I know I am truely spoilt in this category. My excuse is that all the free time I have is really for my daughter, I dont want to spend it cleaning and cooking. She sews, mends all our clothes, etc. She speaks decent english, can sing many nursery rhyms and can read some simple books to my daughter.

I treat her as part of my family, really. The only thing is that I dont take her out much, unless its to the park, swimming, pasar malam, market or grocerrry shopping at TMC. I am still pretty cautios about her mingling around with other maids. Never know the kind of influence they could be.

So, this weekend I am going to ask her THE question. whether she wants to stay for another year or maybe even forever, lol. Considering I am planning to have another child as soon as God gives me the "rezeki", it would be so much easier with her being aorund than having to train a new maid. Has anyone experienced changing maids after 2 years when your child is already so close and confortable with the maid. What would it be like, I wonder? Do share


At 1:21 PM, Blogger Along said...

As u may already know, my previous maid went back home after 2 years with us. It was an emotional time for me coz Dina was still small (5 months) and Dania was incredibly attached to her "akak" already. However, we worked it out fine and surprisingly the kids didn’t suffer to any of that “rindu-rindu” stuff. I got my new maid two weeks after the old one went back home and the kids adapted amazingly well.

Sometimes, you’ve just got to give the kids a little bit more extra credit. I think I was more stressed out by the situation than they were.

Good luck with your maid. Hope she decides to stay.

At 9:34 AM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Kids do forget easily.. and they do .. do well with changes.. better than we will ever expect.. :) So donch worry too much lah.. :)


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