Tuesday, May 03, 2005

boring, boring, boring day at work

such a terribly boring day at work. Its so quiet and seeja is not around. A very smat thing to work from home today. Now! why didnt I think of that. Nothing exciting happening here. Even the snake is quiet not doing anything anoying. Doing the Lafarge report and that is something you wouldnt want to do when you are already bored.

So you knowlah, counting the minutes to 5.30. wanna go home and see my cweeeetie pie, also hubby, of course. Having the 3 days with them makes me miss them so much now. Of course , in the morning I was more than happy to come to work. Needed a break from the whining but now i miss them already.

Posted a mothers day card to my MIL. Hope its appreciated. Wanna do something special for my mom, what shall I do? She is a cancerian so you knowlah, very sensitive at heart. So the simplest gesture would make her really happy. Should speak to my bro and plan something.

But been reading lots of blogs and I now can understand why is it so exciting to get comments on blogs. I just got a few and and am so excited. People are actually reading my blog. They probably got the link through the comments I leave behind in other blogs. The world of bloggers is a small world after all.

'till later


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