Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Can we have more 3 day weekends, pls?

Back to work after a long weekend. Its amazing how much difference the one extra day makes. It was one of the best weekends I have had.

Surprisingly I did manage to go for the mid night show with my husband. "Sahara" Although I slept for 1/2 hour during the show, the rest of it was actually quite good.

The rest of the weekend, the mornings were spent lazing around with my daughter but every evening we did something which was so much fun. And I had a short nap every afternoon and even managed to read some of my book.

Saturday eveing was Manju's daughters Birthday party, Alysha had so much fun. It was one of the best childrens party I had been to coz it was truely meant for kids. There was the bouncing castle, face painting, sand art, amazing cup cakes that Alysha loved and lots of gifts (the more the better as far as the kid is concerned). Of course Alysha cried as soon as she saw the clown but later it was ok when he started making ballons.

On Sunday, I decided to make pizza at home . I was inspired by Pizza Uno. After all how difficult can it be. It actually turned out very well. Alysha had the most fun making and eating it. In the evening we went to the park, me, alysha and Suryani ( my maid) and dad came along. I think it was the first time that he has been to the park with ALysha. He had so much fun watching her play, even sat in the swing next to her. You could see it on his face, he was so happy. We left after an hour and went to pasar malam in bangsar. Again Alysha had so much fun walking through pasar malam, drinking sugar cane juice for the first time. Dinner was from pasar malam, satay, poh piah and carrot cake. She loved all of it. Sri was back from Bali so visited her for a while after dinner. But half the time was trying to get Gitanjali off Alysha. lol. She gets excited when she sees her but shows it by holding on to her and pulling her. So half the time was spent separating the two. lol.

Monday, I made a nice cajun salmon meal for Suben, (which turned out great and which he loved) and made macroni salmon caserole for Alysha (she ate with both hands, lol) Yes, I can actually cook. Its just that I have gotten lazy and to me its always been something that takes the time that I have with Alysha away from me. But now she cooks with me. She aranged the macroni, the salmon, the cheese on the caserole, even poured the egg on top.

Monday evening, we went to 1 Utama. Just for a change I guess. Went to the pet shop which was a great trip for Alysha, then on the feeries wheel. Coincidentally my bro was in Sushi King with Su Ann, so joined them for dinner. Alysha had such a great time running around 1 Utama and seeing her milk carton disappear and come back from the conveyer belt at Sushi King. Magic, pure magic. Should have seen the look on her face.

Hussain and Su Ann bought her a beautiful top from Soda. Cant wait for her to wear it. Two more rides on Sub marine and Fire Engine and we called it a day. She was obviously over tired. Didnt even want to chenge into pgs and went straight to bed.

Although Suben and me only had our night out on Friday, he spent every free time he could with us and it was just great. He is finally having fun with her. Of course he was stuck to the sofa in front the TV half teh time, aaarrrggghhh! but have to just live with that. Infact he was carrying her all the time in 1 Utama and she was enjoying it (she usually wants me to carry her). Looks like it may not be as difficult as it looked if I have another one now :)

'till later


At 1:15 PM, Blogger 5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Wah....nice blog. Why did not share with us at MMB? Do post your link la.

At 3:32 PM, Blogger Shamira said...

Hey Lil,

Thanks for dropping by. Found it difficult to share at firstlah. You knowlah its like suddenly your life becomes an open book. But I think am getting closer to being ready for it now. Love your blog


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