Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Had such a nice lunch, asam fish and rice at aunty's place. Nice stroll down maju junction, stopped by Body Shop on the way back. Then just before starting my work decided to experiment with the templates on my blog and aaarrrggghhhh! I lost all the links I had put as well as my traffic count meter. Why didnt they tell me this? OK, maybe they did when they say "All customisation will be lost" But how owuld I know if its considered customisation. Must be more specificlah with a computer "dungu" like me.

No time for it now. Will remedy it later


At 5:16 PM, Anonymous Andreas said...

Tough learning.

Anytime you do something on blogger, copy the whole set of your codes first. At least, when you mess up, all you would need to do is just copy it back. When I was on blogger, I changed my template once, and the new one messed up everything. I was so incredibly happy, that I could just paste back the old one. A lesson never forgotten. But then, the guys in blogger are helpful too. They helped me twice, when asked them, without any problem and very fast. But recovery of links would be impossible, I guess. Well, a way to learn, as I said!


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