Thursday, June 09, 2005

Today is a good day......relatively

Today is relatively a good day. Although the morning was a little difficult coz Alysha refused to brush her teeth or have a shower and then I had to walk and walk and walk, what seemed like forever to the main road to catch a cab to town.

Have not had the feeling of really throwing up since morning. Maybe I have been eating the right things. Shall not say anymore about it for fear that I will throw up right after I say such things.

Am feeling ugly though. Have no make up on ....not even wearing one of Sri's hand me down baju kurungs (not that the baju kurung is ugly). And of all days, today this guy, this new consultant from Singapore is here and had a discussion with us about something where I had to do a lot of talking, which means that he had to look at me a lot....when I am actually looking ugly.

I now pregnant women dont really care about such things but this guy is quite good looking, attaractive. So how? Too badlah, all done and over with .....probably thinking this company got no standards hiring consultants who dont even know how to look presentable. Of course I wanted to scream like "oi, i am pregnantlah" but instead very professionallly smiled and ended the discussion and am at my table writing about it now.

Lets see what else, screamed at my good friend, my ex actually for not showing any compassion and going on and on about how I dont call him anymore. I am like, heloooo didnt I say I am pregnant and feeling sick all the time. I expect him to call and ask how am I feeling instead of expecting me to call when even breathing seems so difficult sometimes. Anyway told him "all men are b****" and left it at that. Was really pissed off. No offence to other men who are actually quite compasionate and show empathy in such crcumstances

and tomorrow is friday....yay ...but i can sense the weekend to be more and more tiring than weekdays.....have to think of some ways to keep my little one entertained


At 11:32 AM, Blogger mjey said...

Hang in there Sham!...I didn't at all think you looked ugly yesterday...infact when you walked in the morning - I thought you looked your best since the "loyaness" started. You are one of those who still look sweet even without be happy!

Hope you have great weekend!

At 11:54 AM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Poor thing..!! and no lah.. you only think you are ugly.. but most men think that pregnant women look radiant..!! plus men donch really , really notice stuff like that..! and even if they do.. they donch really care.. unless you are the wife.. and if you are the wife.. he wouldn't dare say anything.. in case he gets castrated.. ahhahahahah!! so donch you worry.. you looked great.. i'm sure..!! have a great weekend..!!

At 11:23 PM, Blogger Along said...

How I feel for you right now. I too felt the same when I was pregnant. Hang in there, it will get better.


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