Monday, July 10, 2006

A bald baby, finally

We have been wanting to shave Inarah for the longest time. Well, not really but since she turned 5 months. She just turned 6 and thank God hubby was free over the weekend. We took off to Batu Caves early and the shop, barber, Andy's was already so crowded. I panicked a little as all I could hear were babies crying. Inarah was already asleep in the sarong by the time we reached and I was hoping that she would sleep through. She didn't but didn't cry at all. It was so good. I am so glad I went to Batu caves rather then getting a barber at home like we did with Alysha. But then like Sri said, it all really depends on the child.

So here we have it finally, a bald cutie baby. Enjoy the pictures.

Oh, how I can forget to mention that Alysha was such a wonderful big sister. She saw a baby being shaved and the parents kept talking to the baby to distract him and to stop him from crying. She immediately came to me and told me :" see mama, this is what you shuld do so that Inarah does not cry". And the sweet child kept talking to her throughout.

This was just before Batu Caves. As you can see she didnt have much hair to begin with. So all the more a reason of wanting to shave her

She woke up as he was shaving but was very quiet. Here she is looking at Alysha who is trying to keep her entertained

My bald baby. God! Dont I look tired.

Inarah and hubby

Look at those eyes!!


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Choooo cute :)


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