Thursday, July 20, 2006

What is a Little Girl?

Little girls are the nicest things that happen to people.
They are born with a little bit of angel shine about them and
though it wears thin sometimes,
there is always enough left to lasso your heart.

A little girl can be sweeter, and badder,
oftener than anyone else in the world.
A girl is innocence playing in the mud,
beauty standing on its head, and
Motherhood dragging a doll by the foot.

Girls are available in five colors --
black, white, red, yellow or brown...
yet Mother Nature always manages to select
your favorite color when you place your order.

God borrows from many creatures to make a little girl.
He uses a song of a bird, the stubbornness of a mule,
the slyness of a fox, the softness of a kitten
and, to top it all off,
He adds the mysterious mind of a woman.

A little girl likes new shoes, party dresses,
small animals, dolls, make-believe,
dancing lessons, ice cream and tea parties.
She is loudest when you are thinking,
the prettiest when she provokes you,
the quietest when you want to show her off and
the most flirtatious when she absolutely
must not get the best of you again.

Who else can cause you more grief, joy, irritation,
satisfaction, embarrassment and genuine delight
than this combination of
Eve, Salome and Florence Nightingale?

Just when your patience is ready to crack,
when your dreams tumble down
and the whole world is a mess she can make you a king
when she climbs on your knee and whispers,
"I love you best of all."
I dont mind having a little girl, after a little girl, after a little girl for the rest of my life.


At 1:20 PM, Blogger geetha said...

Beautiful.. You wrote it?
I wanna have a little girl too :)

At 3:49 PM, Blogger Shamira said...

Ops! No I didnt, Should give credit to the person who did right? Will do that soon.

And its never too late Geeta, never too late for number 3. Might just be the little girl you are looking for.

At 5:42 PM, Blogger shri said...

i second that wholeheartedly,
little girls definitely for me...

At 9:18 AM, Blogger GoofyJ said...

I love my three little girls, they are wonderful. :) I love this poem too. I must say it is a lot of fun though to have a boy now too. :)

At 10:38 AM, Blogger IMMomsDaughter said...

Yes! I do love my girl so much too :)


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